Sky Palestine

The sky rumble again
Earth is shaking again
One more, one more and another.
You destroy beautiful sky
Islamic land of Palestine
The sky is sad again
Crying from pain
Suffering don’t know time space
Grief hasn’t disappeared from their lives yet.
Self extracted from the body without guilt
Fear in every corner of the city.
The Sea of blood is on the ground.
They’re crossing into the sky again
Testify to their ears.
They’re being tortured.
Threatened to lose life.
They lose family and loved ones.
Praying to heaven
We remind them.
We don’t forget them.
Speak and raise your voice high
Pray for the liberation of Palestine city
Pray for your Palestinian brother
My Sky Palestine
Hang on and it’ll clear.
Patience. The Earth will calm down.
Hang on.
Patience. The human is coming from God.
Tomorrow the sky will smile again
Tomorrow the sky will be happy
Tomorrow you will love the sky with the crazy winner
Allahu Akbar for you, Palestinian sky

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