Re-connect with Qur’an Ustad Nouman Ali Khan’s Lecture Summary

Reasons on why we have to connect to Qur’an:
Qur’an is His rahman
Qur’an is talking about us so we have to know what’s inside it.
We have to come to Qur’an with humility.

Qur’an is nuur.. So our attitude is: I am in darkness and I have to turn on the light everytime. So I need Qur’an to enlight me. When in darkness we need to get the light, again and again, and we need to pray to Him: Ya Allah i am seeking for your advice.

Surah Yunus: advice has come to you that goes into ur heart. Someone who understands you gives u an advice. Qur’an is not a series of regulations, it contains advice.

U seek advice from someone u trust. Allah cares about you, loves u, understands ur difficulty and gives u advice. Calms u down and gives u advice. He heals whatever burdening inside ur chest. There is anger, sadness, fear in one’s chest.. So many emotions in our heart. Allah says open this book and Allah will cure all the feelings, Allah will heal you. In addition to that Quran gives guidance


U have to believe that Quran has all the solutions.
U have to completely believe that Allah will connect u to himself.

Only 1 place in The Quran Allah talks about ramadhan.
Ramadhan is important bcoz of the quran.
After u connect with Qur’an something is changing u.
I am waiting for u to connect with me by making dua, says Allah.
The highlight
Quran begins with dua ihdinas shirotol mustaqim ends with dua: annas

Allah spoke to us
In the whole Qur’an u can make a conversation with Allah by making a dua.
Even alif lam mim
Dzalikal kitabu la roy…
Think how u turn this into a dua.
When u do that u will realize tadabbur happens.
For example ayat about fir’aun; you read the ayat and try to make a dua out of it ir order to connect with Allah.

What am i going to ask Allah about this this and that
Dua comes from the heart. Take ur time.

Nouman recommended exercise everyday:
1st: listen to some parts of Qur’an or the explanation of Qur’an
If u can pay more attention by reading, than do this by reading.
Hear/read that over and over again.
Connect everyday.. He doesn’t want u to just memorize the whole Qur’an but He wants u to connect
After u read the explanation, then listen to the recitation over and over. Although u don’t understand arabic, keep on doing this exercise, you will understand it somehow when you do it regularly and eventually you will feel connected to Qur’an

We listen to Qur’an because this message is Allah’s love to you
If you keep doing the above exercise your bond to Qur’an and Allah will be stronger.

Most of the Qur’an has already been revealed.
Sahabat knows Qur’an by now because it has already been revealed.
Allah told us the things that we already know about becasue He wants to re-introduce us to the Qur’an.

Huda linnas. Try to share something beautiful about Qur’an in the month of Ramadhan. Everytime u share something about Quran to other people, syaithan gets angry. In order for us to connect with the Qur’an, we have to ask other people to connect too by sharing it to then

Don’t be negative; u read something in the Qur’an then u judge other people by those ayah. Don’t do that.

Allah gave Qur’an to people with rahmah, then don’t use it to criticize other people. Allah gets the judge, not u. Qur’an came to heal hearts not to break heart. Quran should bring hope, light, mercy to people.

Qolbun salim: a clean heart. Allah cleans up the heart with Qur’an. Because of Qur’an they should feel happiness.

Allah says this Quran is better than anything you collects (people may collects things; coins, paintings, etc). When we have Qur’an inside the heart we would achieve Qolbun salim. Knowledge is not kept in the head, but should be living in our chest, in our heart.

Allah is pulling you up, the more u hold on to Qur’an, the more Allah raises you, elevate u to higher and higher place.

The closer the ummah coming to Qur’an, the stronger their bond.
What is connecting you to other ummah is the rope of Allah. Your connection to other ummah is stronger because ur connection to Qur’an is stronger.

Al Hajj: if u hold on to the rope of Allah it means u hold to Allah himself. And the opposite works; if u don’t hold to the rope of Allah u don’t hold on to Allah.
The tighter u hold to this rope the tighter u hold to Allah.
The connection to the Quran is the connection to Allah
Hold on to Qur’an to protect urself
Analogy: when people fall from the ship and they hold on to the rope together, they will be safe, but when they let go the rope, they’ll drown. We have to hold on to it together with other ummah.

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